Welcome to Eccentric Goddess Body Butter!


About Us

At Eccentric Goddess Body Butter, we create the most incredible body care products that you will ever experience and fall in love with!  


We are dedicated to using only pure natural ingredients - never any synthetics, chemicals, preservatives, or fake formulated fragrances.


It is our philosophy that you should know what you put on your skin, or you shouldn't be using anything at all. Because of the way we formulate our products, we expect that you will love them, but if you don't, they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Our History

After moving to the Midwest with very limited accessible options to natural skin care products, that could meet her needs & desires, Unique, Creator of Eccentric Goddess Body Butter, began researching natural ingredients, in the hopes of finding a brand without all the harmful ingredient for her sensitive skin.


Utilizing raw, pure, & natural ingredients in her home kitchen, she created a few products that she adored, embraced and could stand by. As part of her journey to adopting a healthier conscious lifestyle, she believes that not only what you eat is what you become, but also what you put on your body is as equally important to the mental, physical and spiritual health of your well-being.


Unique's promise is to never compromise or shrink on the ingredients! As a result, Eccentric Goddess Body Butter only uses the very best of raw & natural ingredients in each & every product.